"I truly love Nanu's blend. It moisturizes and hydrates my skin, leaving it feeling supple and smoothe. I especially appreciate that it is not greasy, heavy or sticky and that the ingredients are 100% natural. Whenever I run out, I am desperate for more!!!"


-Priscilla D.

"I have been using Nanu's blend for almost a year now, and I love it. I have a very dry skin, so I was looking for a lotion that will moisturized my skin, and clean my acne. Nanu's blend did just that. Two weeks after starting to use it, my skin got soft and all the dark spots were gone. My family members and friend say that I am glowing. Now, my niece, who has a serious skin problem is using it. Since Nanu's blend is very thick, you don't need to use a lot daily, and you save money too. I highly recommend Nanu's blend!"      


- Mireille K.

Je souffre à cause d'eczéma. Pour gagner le soulagement, j'ai essayé le mélange des buerres et des huiles de génie de La Professeur Renée Daniel. Je suis très content avec la condition de ma peau! Merci, La Professeur Renée pour " le crack" de peau.   

- Tarake B.


(Translation) "I suffer from eczema. To find relief, I have used a creation of butters and essential oils from the genius Renee Daniel. I am very happy with the condition of my skin! Thank you, Professor Renée."


"I use Nanu’s Blend on my older clients as well as myself.   It has a healing effect. I love it."      

- Regina H

"It was a great moisturizer for my skin, it lasted all day."           

                            - Andrea C.

OMG! I'm in love with Nanu's Blend.


Over the past year I have used Nanus blend for my

skin. But in a recent discovery, I found that Nanus

blend is amazing for shiny, flowing and healthy hair!

This is literally a gold mind for hair. Nanus blend should

be put in every beauty supply store, natural hair salon

and health food stores. I have never used a product

that my hair so clearly thanked me for.                 


                                       Dina B