Our Story

Nanu’s Blend was developed for my mother who lived with me. At the time she was 

83 years old and her skin was scaling like a lizard. My mother was a beautiful woman who when 

you looked at her face and her skin, you would never guess her age. That's because she took very

good care of her skin.  My mother was my mentor and my role model, and as a caregiver I was

driven to make sure that she had the things that she needed.


I realized that her skin was extremely dry due to the ravages of old age, cancer and the various

side effects of the medications she was taking. I've always been somewhat of a mixologist buying

creams and lotions from other companies and mixing them to get the consistency or the feel

that I wanted. However, my mother needed something special. She needed a skin care product

that would not only take care of the dryness, but also feed and nourish her skin. So I engaged in

research to determine what ingredients are needed in a skin care product so your skin, from

head to toe can be fed, nourished moisturized.


Hence the birth of Nanu’s Blend.  Nanu's blend is special because it is designed to not only nourish

and moisturize the skin which promotes a healthy glow, but also protects the skin from a number of different ravages this organ faces on a daily basis. 


Our customers rave about the benefits of using Nanu’s Blend on a daily basis for eczema, burns, scars and skin ravaged by the treatment of cancer. Read their testimonials  HERE.


So now, Nanu’s Blend, a skin care line originally designed and produced for a very special person is now shared with you, our very special customers.